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Please use the user name and password generated when creating the account or create a new account if you have not done so yet. If you already have an account you should see a text inviting you you to register after you log in. If you create a new account after opening the registration then registration is assumed automatically.

Note: account creation is not equivalent to registration!

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Abstract Submission

One page (A4) abstracts should be prepared using the following templates

or in any other way satisfying the format specification. In particular, the margins should not be reduced. The resulting file must be converted to PDF. Abstracts in other formats will not be accepted.

Since no regular proceedings are planned after the conference, the authors are strongly encouraged to include in the abstracts the references to their recent relevant work.

The size of the abstract file should be kept possibly small, and generally not exceed 1MB. If needed, sould be reduced the resolution of the included graphics.

The abstract book will be composed of the abstracts as submitted by the conference participants.

Abstracts should be submitted using the respective electronic submission systems:
EP2DS abstract submission
MSS abstract submission

To secure IUPAP sponsorship, the organizers have provided assurance that (the conferences EP2DS-20 and MSS-16) will be conducted in accordance with IUPAP principles as stated in the ICSU-Document "Universality of Science" (sixth edition, 1989) regarding the free circulation of scientists for international purposes. In particular, no bona fide scientist will be excluded from participation on the grounds of national origin, nationality, or political considerations unrelated to science.

Abstract Submission