The 20th International Conference on Electronic Properties of Two-Dimensional Systems (EP2DS-20) and the 16th International Conference on Modulated Semiconductor Structures (MSS-16) will be held in Wrocław, Poland from 1st to 5th July 2013. We expect around 600 attendees from academic and industrial research laboratories on this well established joint conference. The participants will have interest in the areas of semiconductor structures growth, processing and structural characterization; electrical and optical spectroscopy of semiconductor materials and devices; cryogenic equipment; superconducting magnets; numerical simulation and scientific publishing.

We provide three possibilities of the sponsor contribution to the conference:

1. Limited sponsorship (1100 EUR):
  • official conference sponsor
  • ­company logo or an advertisement in the conference book (one B5 paper size page in color)
  • ­company logo on the main conference website
  • ­company materials distributed in the conference bag (max 10 pages up to A4 paper size)
  • ­company advertisement on the conference flash drive (max 50 MB)
2. Full sponsorship (2450 EUR):
  • ­all the limited sponsorship features
  • ­
  • ­booth hire from 1st to 3rd July 2013 (2x2.5 m2, floor carpet, 2 chairs, table, lighting, electric outlet, waste basket)
  • ­conference admission for 2 persons from 1st to 3rd July 2013
    (including coffee breaks, lunches and the conference dinner)
3. Poster session refreshments sponsorship (min. 1000 EUR):
  • ­sponsorship announcement before the poster session
  • ­poster format advertisement in the poster session area (printed materials provided by the sponsor)
  • ­sponsorship information in the conference program

The conference will take place in the Wrocław University of Technology conference center, where the exhibition booths will be present for the first three days of the conference (1st to 3rd July 2013). The map presents a tentative location of the booths with respect to the conference room.

To become the event sponsor, simply fill in the registration form where further details are included. The filled and signed form has to be returned by e-mail (ep2ds-mss-sponsors@pwr.wroc.pl) or by fax (+48 71 328 36 96).

In case you need additional information please contact us by e-mail (ep2ds-mss-sponsors@pwr.wroc.pl) or call (+48 71 320 29 86).